5 Ways to Get People Talking about your Restaurant

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Every restaurant owner wants two things: great looking restaurant website design and to have people talking about their restaurant. But before people start telling their friends and family about your restaurant they need something remarkable to talk about. This doesn’t have to be a costly investment or an overhaul in the way you do business.But, by implementing a handful of small changes you can get the word of mouth buzz you’re after.

5 Tips for Building Word of Mouth for your Restaurant

Customers should have a pleasant and comfortable experience. The atmosphere and service should facilitate this. By adding small touches of courtesy you can make a customer’s day and generate referral business. Try to create a pleasant experience online as well as offline with a mobile friendly website design for your restaurant.

Unique Selling Point
Spreading word of mouth about your restaurant starts with a unique offering. By creating a unique experience for the customer they are more likely to make remarks when they are with their friends and family. A unique offering can be a very select menu or providing a unique dinning experience.

Having events can draw out the crowds and get them talking. Events can be anywhere from trivia night to hosting musicians. Offering small door prizes can also make the events more engaging. Make sure to post your events on your website so your customers can plan ahead too.

Social Media
Make sure your customers can follow your business and keep up with events and menu changes at all times on social media. This will allow your customers to provide feedback on the experience and share your events with their social circles. Engaging with customers on social media can also get the people talking about your level of customer service. Holding small contests on your social media accounts can also lead to more owners, word of mouth and sales.

Your Restaurant’s Website
Social Media would not be nearly as effective if you didn’t have a website. Make sure you have a website that is easily viewable on desktops, tablets and smart phone. As mentioned above, a pleasant customer experience doesn’t just happen in store – impress them online as well as off. Regular blogging can keep your visitors updated on local happenings, in store events, menu changes, contests, and more. Use your website to educate and inform your visitors. Adding your social media links is also a very good way of building more engagement with your customers and visitors. Ask for feedback and let your customers know that you hold their opinions in high regard and value their input.

We hope that these tips help you create some word of mouth buzz for your restaurant. If you would like more information and tips for marketing your restaurant make sure to check our blog regularly. If you have any specific questions about the post or about how our restaurant website design services, please feel free to contact us today.

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