Restaurants are the most searched industry by consumers through both mobile applications and browsers.

Restaurant Mobile Website - Developed by The SEO Chefs

Everyone in the US and Canada has a computer and just about everyone has a smart phone these days. Most have a laptop, or a tablet, and the number of people with Smart TVs and other internet devices is increasing all the time.

It is unquestionable that mobile optimization of your website can generate more traffic to your restaurant, boost sales, give you an edge over your competition and provide a great platform for customer engagement.

Not having a mobile-friendly site in today’s restaurant business climate is devastating to sales. With a mobile site from The SEO Chefs, you can take advantage of the rapidly-growing adoption of smartphone technology by North Americans and make sure your restaurant is in plain sight.

Considering how important your website is for business, it makes complete sense to ensure that your website is mobile, especially if you want to rank well in Google’s results. For the past few years, Google has been communicating the need for mobile ready sites. Forward-thinkers have already reaped the benefits of creating a mobile-friendly website, and restaurants lagging behind are losing customers to their tech-savvy competitors.

Is your website mobile compatible?

If your website is 5 years old or more, it was likely created with only PCs and laptops in mind. Therefore, it probably doesn’t include the responsive technology that our restaurant website designs include. This technology ensures that your restaurant website will load properly on smartphones, tablets and any screen size.

Look at what has changed in the past 5 years alone:


Tablets became popular in 2010, so they have only been around for 5 years, yet by March of 2012, PC Magazine reported that 31% of internet users owned a tablet. Have you seen how your website looks on a tablet? Does it “scale” properly, or do you have to zoom to be able to read your content, or does it look disproportionate? These are the things your potential customers see and the basis upon which they form an instant impression of your restaurant.


“The Canadian population is nearing the tipping point of becoming a Smartphone majority. Key findings in Ipsos Reid’s (February 2013) syndicated study of the mobile market in Canada, show that 47% of Canadians now report using a Smartphone, a significant increase over last year, when 34% of Canadians reported using such a device. Tablet device use has also jumped with 21% of Canadians reporting use of these devices, an increase from just 10% a year ago.”

The SEO Chefs has you covered

We ensure your site is compatible with current technology, so you don’t look like a dinosaur!, even better your website will display properly on devices that haven’t hit the market yet. People make a lot of assumptions about a restaurant with a poor web presence; it lowers their perceptions of your food, your service and your professionalism.

We understand that, as a small business, you just can’t afford to make a bad impression.

In a nutshell, people want fresh, new, searchable (optimized) local restaurant websites to choose from. We make yours stand out and look appetizing.