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Are you looking for a new way to market your restaurant and bring in new diners? Many restaurants are using Twitter to market their restaurant or bar. Twitter is a social network that allows its’ users to send short messages to their followers. The messages are called Tweets and can be a maximum of 140 characters. You can also Retweet which is essentially sharing someone else’s message with your followers. A benefit of using Twitter to market your business is that it operates in real time so you can Tweet several times a day without coming off as overbearing or too self promotional.

5 Tips for Marketing your Restaurant using Twitter

1. Show off your talent – post pictures of your featured dishes or chef’s specials. Appetizing pictures of food can become hot topics online and can lead to mentions and even new customers.

2. Don’t forget to tag it – when updating your followers, posting pictures or sharing a thought – make sure to tag your tweet. Use the # symbol to add a tag to a word or phrase to tag it. This allows users to search for a specific topics and increases your restaurant’s presence. Try tagging your neighborhood and food dish you’re preparing.  Don’t exceed three tags in one Tweet, otherwise it comes off as too promotional.

3. Keep it up – once you set up your Twitter account or if your revisiting an old account – make sure to keep your activity consistent. Post a few times a day and update your followers with daily specials, events, and local happenings.

4. Add incentive – if it’s a little slow in the restaurant try Tweeting a hard to resist special. Because Twitter operates in real time you can offer hourly based specials. If it’s slow in the bar offer a buy one get one free to get couples and friends interested in coming in. Test out the specials and see what sort of result you get and customize your specials to benefit your restaurant.

5. Run a win-win contest – offer a sweet deal to those customers that provide customer feedback via Twitter. It’s a win for you because customer feedback is vital to your business and in the process it also increases your presence and following. It’s a win for you followers because they get a free meal or a free drink. And as a result, they may buy another meal or another drink too!

We hope that these tips help you reach out to your customers and followers online and off. For more restaurant marketing tips make sure to check out our last post on “5 Ways to Get People Talking about your Restaurant.” If you are looking for restaurant website design or simply restaurant marketing feel free to contact us.

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