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Do Restaurants Need Websites?

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Do restaurants need websites

We recently performed a manual analysis of the restaurants in an entire community in the Pacific Northwest. We pounded the pavement, took to local directories, and opened up that fat yellow book households use as a stepping stool to reach items in upper kitchen cabinets. Of the 102 eateries in this local community we found that only two had websites. One hundred of these local businesses did not have a uniquely owned online presence. Sure, some of them had a Facebook page. A few had Twitter. But no visible website. Yet miraculously, in today’s day and age, they remained open for business. Is it possible that not all restaurants need a website?

While the region in question indeed has proportionately more rows of mom & pop establishments compared to that of most major metropolises in Canada and the U.S. it is not uncommon to hear restauranteurs from everywhere pose this question to our restaurant website design company on a regular basis. In response, we tell them the following:

5 Reasons Why Restaurants Need Websites to Grow Their Customer Base in 2015 and Beyond

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