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5 Best Social Networks for Restaurants – and Why

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Must Have Social Media for Restaurants

Fill Your Seats with the Help of Social Media

The days of businesses asking whether or not social media marketing is worth their efforts are gone. It is now a foregone conclusion. This is no more true than right here in the restaurant industry. All over North America eateries from food trucks to fine dining establishments are leading the way in social networking, and proving ROI in the process. The implications are simple; those that adopt social media as a big part of their customer outreach are gaining an edge on their competitors. The rest? They fall on the other half of that spectrum. In order to make sure that you stay ahead of the game we are setting you off on the path to comprehensive social network optimization with a top five list of channels that your restaurant will reside on. The following does not detail a list of “nice to have” networks, it directs you towards the social media profiles that you absolutely must maintain if you expect your restaurant to remain competitive in today’s socially savvy climate.

5 Social Networks Essential to the Website Marketing Success of Your Restaurant

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