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Should I Use a Website Template for My Restaurant? 5 Reasons Why You Should

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Should I Use Website Template for My Restaurant

The title of this week’s blog post can often be put into the spoken quotations of many restauranteurs and their marketing managers. For well over a decade food service businesses have struggled with the decision of whether or not to build a completely customized website from scratch. It may seem that such a thing would be the suggested course. However, if you have found this article, you and/or your industry associates have likely been through a gauntlet of website development fiascos. As with any field, there are good and bad service providers. Too often the bad are chosen to take on a website development project because the promises are grand and the prices seem right, at the time. The result ends up being a website completed well after the estimated date of completion and one that does not look or function as you were promised. The wounded souls of restauranteurs, hesitant to revisit their options with more expensive developers, end up seeking alternative solutions for their online needs. That’s where our industry comes into play. Let’s take a look and see if you should consider a website template for your eatery.

5 Ways to Identify If You Should Use a Template for Your Restaurant Website

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Restaurant Marketing Tips: Twitter

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Restaurant Website Design is the first step to Internet Marketing
Are you looking for a new way to market your restaurant and bring in new diners? Many restaurants are using Twitter to market their restaurant or bar. Twitter is a social network that allows its’ users to send short messages to their followers. The messages are called Tweets and can be a maximum of 140 characters. You can also Retweet which is essentially sharing someone else’s message with your followers. A benefit of using Twitter to market your business is that it operates in real time so you can Tweet several times a day without coming off as overbearing or too self promotional.

5 Tips for Marketing your Restaurant using Twitter

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5 Ways to Get People Talking about your Restaurant

get people talking about your restaurant website design

Every restaurant owner wants two things: great looking restaurant website design and to have people talking about their restaurant. But before people start telling their friends and family about your restaurant they need something remarkable to talk about. This doesn’t have to be a costly investment or an overhaul in the way you do business.But, by implementing a handful of small changes you can get the word of mouth buzz you’re after.

5 Tips for Building Word of Mouth for your Restaurant

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