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5 Best Practices for Restaurant Websites

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Best Practices for Restaurant Websites

It can be a confusing world out there for restauranteurs trying to figure out how to solve their website issues. There are numerous articles telling you what’s best for the online portion of your marketing plan, some of them being contradictory to one another. The issue, is that you are too often being provided with “best practices” advice from internet marketing agencies with a broad industry client list. They assume what’s good for one type of business is also good for another. We sincerely doubt that a website design that functions and converts well for an industrial pipe fitter translates over to that of a restaurant. As an owner/operator or marketing manager in the food services industry you will want to apply advice from a website design firm that focuses solely on you and what you do. In the spirit of this assertion we have laid out five steadfast laws that are essential to the success (traffic and customer conversion) of your website.

Five Restaurant Website Best Practices to Increase Traffic and Improve Customer Conversion

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